Rylan Clark-Neal on the new Supermarket Sweep – AuthenticAfrican

Posted on by Michael Cragg

The camp 90s gameshow classic has been revived – with added six-packs and self-service checkouts

Nestled in among a maze of new-build houses in Maidstone, Kent, sits a very different kind of supermarket. “I would say it’s like being in Tesco if they were running a club night,” the store manager tells me as we walk up and down its aisles, every product – from the pick’n’mix to the tinned foods – bathed in a headache-inducing glow of pink, blue and yellow lighting. Despite the presence of tills, a self-service checkout, a security guard, fully stocked shelves and branded bags for life, this isn’t a real supermarket at all, but the set for the return of classic 1990s gameshow Supermarket Sweep. And the store manager – a lanky, sweet-smelling configuration of teeth and bronzer – is none other than reality TV star-turned-ubiquitous presenter Rylan Clark-Neal.

For most people, the original Supermarket Sweep – which involved six contestants, typically named Karen, Lynne, Val or Neil, answering questions about supermarket-adjacent things before going “wild in the aisles” while dressed in bright sweaters – will for ever be associated with two things: sofa-bound school sick-days, and being overseen by the late Dale Winton (pictured, right), whose tradition of fake tan and effortless camp Clark-Neal continues. “This is his show and it will always be his show,” he says, “but if I can fill even an inch of his shoes then I’ll be very happy. When people watch, they’ll feel Dale’s still a part of it because of the terminology we’re using. A contestant said ‘£50 Dale’ the other day,” – hopefully while struggling to peel the sticker off an inflatable jukebox to reveal a cash bonus – “which was the biggest compliment of my career.”

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