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Pono Mask This highly symbolic Pono mask is a fine example of African art and craftsmanship that should earn a place of pride on any wall. The mask is a tribute to your female ancestors and represents an idealized version of their faces. In African culture the color white has powerful symbolism. It stands for peace, deities, the souls of the departed and the hope of the afterlife. It is, therefore, commonly used for funeral celebrations and memorials. The Pono mask played a traditional role in funerals as well. The masks were also used in magical rituals, where they were used to unmask sorcerers. The Pono mask features realistic, mostly white but sometimes black faces with protruding pursed lips, round, protruding eyes that have a curve to them and high-domed foreheads. They also have the characteristic rigid high coiffures of the hairstyles worn by Punu women. The masks are 11” long x 7” wide x 5” deep. Made in Cameroon. 

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