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Posted on by James Wong

Begonias are a bargain if you grow them yourself

As regular readers will know, I have become a bit of a begonia obsessive. And with all sorts of new species being introduced from the jungles of Asia, it seems after years in the doldrums these exotic houseplants are finally experiencing a much-deserved renaissance. In fact, rarer specimens now frequently exchange hands online for almost £100, which continually surprises me considering how easy it is to clone these plants for free.

While there are loads of different propagation methods for begonias, many are only suitable for very specific varieties, which can make the whole process confusing for non-geeks. However, there is one that in my experience works for any variety going and, as luck would have it, is also by far the simplest. If you fancy trying your hand at cloning your own begonias, now is a good time of year to do it and all you really need is a glass of water.

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