Jameela Jamil is well-meaning, but slim, pretty women can't smash the – AuthenticAfrican

Posted on by Frances Ryan

We are still in a catch-22 in fighting sexism – women must be attractive before they are allowed to criticise the demand for them to be attractive

Jameela Jamil’s guest edit of Stylist this month features her on the cover of the magazine attacking sets of scales with a hammer. The cover has received praise and some backlash, from the troubled optics of a slim woman “smashing diet culture” to the fact that many of the clothes in the accompanying fashion shoot aren’t available past size 18.

While some frustration is understandable, it feels depressing to focus too much on unpicking Jamil’s well-meaning efforts, not least because of her own history (she has spoken openly about body dysmorphia and struggling with an eating disorder, saying she now approaches her body image with neutral acceptance as opposed to celebration). The rest of the magazine does have much progressive content, too.

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