Rebel Tories defiant in face of deselection and election threats – AuthenticAfrican

Posted on by Jessica Elgot and Rajeev Syal

At least 17 Tory MPs say they will vote to stop no-deal Brexit despite government pressure

Rebel Conservatives were defiant on Monday night about Boris Johnson’s threats of deselection and an early general election, with at least 17 Conservative MPs saying privately or publicly that they have not been deterred from voting to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The work and pensions secretary, Amber Rudd, voiced unease at the persuasion tactics being used to deter votes on a proposed bill to stop no deal. She said removing the whip was a “drastic step” and she had made clear to Johnson that she did not agree with threats. She added that sanctions should also apply to Brexiter MPs if they voted against a future deal.

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