Tories against no deal must now choose between career and conscience | – AuthenticAfrican

Posted on by Katy Balls

The parliamentary showdown this week will also be a battle for the soul of the Conservative party

Space analogies are commonplace in 10 Downing Street these days. Boris Johnson has said proof the UK can leave the EU on 31 October could be found in the 1969 moon landing. In Dominic Cummings’s first meeting with government aides, he gave them a presentation on the lessons they could learn from John F Kennedy’s space programme.

Now there’s an official Apollo dashboard in operation – a traffic light-system signal available to more than 200 ministers, No 10 staff and aides. They are supposed to access it to track no-deal preparedness and flag when a project is in trouble and requires extra attention. The spreadsheet is also on the prime minister’s personal laptop.

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